2016 Danze Price Book Page 117 Bathroom

117 Effective January 2016 ROMAN TUB FAUCET COMBINATIONS TWO HANDLE TRIM KIT Includes handle, valve escutcheon & screws. Use with valve D1120 series (w/stops) or D1150 series (w/o stops) or D1125 series (w/stops) or D1155 series (w/o stops). Must order valve separately. See page 52-54. > Packaging Case: 3 TRADITIONAL PERSONAL SPRAY Hi-rise solid brass spout. Slip spout mounting. Use with valve D210000BT (fixed) or D215000BT (widespread). Must order valve separately. See page 56. > Packaging Case: 3 PRESSURE BALANCE VALVE TRIM KIT Personal spray with Soft Touch control. Less holder. > Packaging Case: 24 Includes hose, holder & diverter. > Packaging Case: 24 HANDSHOWER ROUGH-IN S h e ridan Collection Chrome D510455T ListPrice $68.00 BrushedNickel D510455BNT ListPrice $122.00 TumbledBronze D510455BRT ListPrice $127.00 Chrome D302555T ListPrice $245.00 BrushedNickel D302555BNT ListPrice $391.00 PolishedBrass D302555PBVT ListPrice $391.00 TumbledBronze D302555BRT ListPrice $398.00 Chrome D492100 ListPrice $150.00 BrushedNickel D492100BN ListPrice $161.00 PolishedBrass D492100PBV ListPrice $161.00 TumbledBronze D492100BR ListPrice $171.00 TumbledBronze D491100BR ListPrice $117.00 Chrome D491100 ListPrice $97.00 BrushedNickel D491100BN ListPrice $107.00 PolishedBrass D491100PBV ListPrice $107.00

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