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132 At Danze, we believe a great shower is a necessity, not a luxury. We work hard to provide simple, intuitive products that blend the right level of technology, design and innovation at a price that's affordable. From small replacements to major remodels, Danze has the perfect product to fit your needs. - One click to adjust multi function with EASY-GLIDE SELECTOR RING. - Effortless to rid of calcium build up with EASY CLEAN JETS. - FILTER SCREEN in Air Injection brass ball joint prevents hardwater sediment from build up. Showerheads Turn a routine shower into a relaxing destination with a Danze showerhead. Showering will never be the same thanks to our innovative engineering and smart designs. Contemporary, traditional, large, small, multi-function or eco-friendly - whatever the need, Danze can fulfill it. Once installed, you will wonder why you waited so long. Handshowers & Handshower Kits With all the benefits of a showerhead, our Danze handshowers are a great alternative for those who need additional functionality. Powerful, yet light weight, our handshowers are available with 3 or 5 different spray functions. To simplify the ordering process, we offer a handshower kit, complete with the handshower of your choice and coordinating mounting hardware accessories. Body Sprays Our wall mounted body sprays really hit all the right spots. With adjustable spray patterns, in full spray or massage, and moveable nozzles, it's easy to re-create a spa-like environment at home. Adjustable Slide Bar Kits A perfect package for a versatile shower. Our Danze Slide Bar Kits come ready to install with a handshower, metal hose and a smooth operating slide bar. For super easy single-hand adjustment, check out our Versa Slide Bar kits. Shower Accessories Danze offers all the parts and accessories you need to completely outfit your shower. From adjustable showerarms to supply mounts, you'll find all the necessary components to complete your project. Sacrifice Nothing but Water Conserving water is no longer a trend, it's reality. Showering is one of the leading ways we use water in the home, making it increasingly important that we consider ways to reduce our shower water consumption. A family of 4 could save between 16 - 32 gallons of water per day simply by changing their old showerheads to a Danze Efficient or Conservation Flow model. If you consider energy costs to heat this water, the utility savings can top $100 per year. The good news is that showerhead technology has come a long way. Choosing more efficient shower products no longer means a lack of style or performance. In fact at Danze, we've been perfecting these products for years. We've worked closely with the EPA to develop products that meet the WaterSense certification standards. Not only will you experience a better performing shower with Danze, but you will save up to 40%* in water and energy. We offer a variety of WaterSense certified showerhead and handshower products within our Conservation Flow and Efficient Flow categories. In addition, we continue to offer Standard Flow shower products at the maximum flow rate of 2.5 gpm. a littl e chang e can go a long way

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