2016 Danze Price Book Page 133 Shower

133 Your shower should be more than just a shower. It should be an escape. A rare moment where you're able to drop what you're doing, and not worry about a thing. A time to let warm, soothing water relax your mind, while perfectly pressured water relaxes your body. A time to soak in your surroundings. A time just for you. It is more than a shower. It's an escape. It's Danze. AIR INJECTION : Wide spray that always has you covered PRESSURE MANIFOLD TECHNOLOGY : Feel calm, cold, warm or hot under pressure DUAL VALVE TECHNOLOGY : Double the valves. Double the desire to hop in Performance Performance is what separates a good shower from a great shower. It's an attribute that has always been central to the Danze product line, and this year we're continuing that commitment by introducing a new kind of showering experience. Air Injection Technology: Air Injection technology takes showers to a whole new level by combining the performance of our new showerhead designs with the benefits of our patented air-injection technology. The result? Showerhead performance is enhanced. Water and energy is saved. Increased water intensity even in Conservation and Efficient Flow configurations Aerated water stream delivers a gentle spray (no stinging) Wider spray patterns, increased coverage, even distribution Quiet operation Available on selected single or multi-function showerheads Offered in a variety of cutting edge styles SINGLE-FUNCTION MULTI-FUNCTION Wide Full Aeration Massage Wide + Centerjet Conservation Flow Efficient Flow Standard Flow 40% * savings 30% savings 20% savings 1.5 gpm 1.75 gpm 2.0 gpm 2.5 gpm

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