2016 Danze Price Book Page 154 Shower

154 Effective January 2016 M-FLEX SHOWER HOSE SUPPLY MOUNT TWO POSITION WALL MOUNT BRACKET SHOWERARM MOUNT ALL METAL INTERLOCK HOSE 72" M-Flex polymer shower hose with brass conical nuts. > Packaging Case: 24 Adjustable handshower holder. Solid brass " supply fitting with integral check valve. Metal housing. Combined adjustable handshower holder with supply outlet. Additional supply outlet for handshower is not required when using this supply mount. > Packaging Case: 12 2 position handshower holder. > Packaging Case: 24 With brass ball joint and integral check valve. > Packaging Case: 24 72" all metal interlock shower hose with brass conical nuts. > Packaging Case: 24 S how e r Acc ess ori es Chrome D469020 ListPrice $42.00 BrushedNickel D469020BN ListPrice $50.00 PolishedNickel D469020PNV ListPrice $74.00 TumbledBronze D469020BR ListPrice $126.00 Chrome D469030 ListPrice $32.00 BrushedNickel D469030BN ListPrice $37.00 TumbledBronze D469030BR ListPrice $40.00 Chrome D469050 ListPrice $16.00 Chrome D469100 ListPrice $26.00 BrushedNickel D469050BN ListPrice $24.00 BrushedNickel D469100BN ListPrice $29.00 TumbledBronze D469050BR ListPrice $29.00 TumbledBronze D469100BR ListPrice $37.00 TumbledBronze D469060BR ListPrice $110.00 Chrome D469060 ListPrice $87.00 BrushedNickel D469060BN ListPrice $100.00

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