2016 Danze Price Book Page 155 Shower

155 Effective January 2016 PUSH PULL SHOWERARM DIVERTER R1 SUPPLY ELBOW Diverter controls water flow to handshower or showerhead and attaches to standard showerarm. 100% diversion. Solid brass. > Packaging Case: 24 Attaches to handshower hose. " brass water supply connection. Includes integral check valve for back flow prevention. > Packaging Case: 24 SHOWERARM WITH FLANGE 6" SHOWERARM Solid brass. > Packaging Case: 24 S how e r Acc ess ori es Chrome D469058 ListPrice $50.00 BrushedNickel D469058BN ListPrice $63.00 PolishedNickel D469058PNV ListPrice $74.00 TumbledBronze D469058BR ListPrice $74.00 Chrome D481350 ListPrice $44.00 BrushedNickel D481350BN ListPrice $58.00 TumbledBronze D481350BR ListPrice $66.00 Chrome D481136 ListPrice $20.00 BrushedNickel D481136BN ListPrice $28.00 PolishedNickel D481136PNV ListPrice $28.00 TumbledBronze D481136BR ListPrice $28.00 PolishedBrass D481136PBV ListPrice $28.00

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