2016 Danze Price Book Page 177 Accessories

177 Effective January 2016 Acc ess ori es/ R e plac e m e nt Part s ROMAN TUB PERSONAL SPRAY TRIM KITS TRADITIONAL PERSONAL SPRAY KIT Personal spray with Soft Touch control. Fits all Roman Tub faucets with rough-in D210000BT OR D215000BT. > Packaging Case: 24 *Replacing D491121 CORSAIR PERSONAL SPRAY CONTEMPORARY PERSONAL SPRAY SQUARE PERSONAL SPRAY Alsoavailablein: Finishes ModelNo. BrushedNickel D491110BN ListPrice $268.00 PolishedBrass D491110PBV ListPrice $268.00 PolishedNickel D491110PNV ! ListPrice $260.00 TumbledBronze D491110BR ListPrice $289.00 Alsoavailablein: Finishes ModelNo. BrushedNickel DA604642BN ListPrice $228.00 CONTEMPORARY PERSONAL SPRAY KIT Product available while supplies last. ! Chrome D491110 ListPrice $246.00 Chrome D491115 ListPrice $246.00 Chrome D492120 ListPrice $150.00 Chrome DA604626 ListPrice $43.00 PolishedNickel D492120PNV ListPrice $161.00 BrushedNickel D491115BN ListPrice $268.00 BrushedNickel D492120BN ListPrice $161.00 Chrome DA604642 ListPrice $169.00 Chrome DA231110 ListPrice $31.00 ROMAN TUB HANDHELD SHOWER HOLDERS Alsoavailablein: Finishes ModelNo. BrushedNickel DA604626BN ListPrice $54.00 Chrome DA604627 ListPrice $51.00 BrushedNickel DA604627BN ListPrice $55.00 Chrome DA511403 ListPrice $48.00 BrushedNickel DA511403BN ListPrice $48.00

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