2016 Danze Price Book Page 207 Accessories

207 Effective January 2016 Acc ess ori es/ R e plac e m e nt Part s Shown DA026175 Shown DA603136N Finishes ModelNo. N/A DA026005 ListPrice $6.00 N/A DA026175 ListPrice $11.00 N/A DA026175L ListPrice $11.00 Type ModelNo. SpoutAdaptorAssembly DA603136N ListPrice $13.00 YAdaptor DA057905W ListPrice $12.00 HoseAdaptor DA067695N ListPrice $2.00 LIFT STRAP ASSEMBLY ADAPTOR BALL NUTS DA009058 Chrome ListPrice $31.00 PLUNGER OF LAVATORY DRAINS Finishes ModelNo. Chrome DA613156 ListPrice $13.00 BrushedNickel DA613156BN ListPrice $15.00 OilRubbedBronze DA613156BR ListPrice $15.00 TumbledBronze DA613156RB ListPrice $15.00 Shown DA613156 ADJUSTING RINGS Finishes ModelNo. N/A DA104048 ListPrice $4.00 N/A DA104059 ListPrice $11.00 N/A DA104223 ListPrice $10.00 N/A DA104233 ListPrice $5.00 N/A DA104234 ListPrice $12.00 N/A DA104235 ListPrice $10.00 N/A DA104281W ListPrice $11.00 N/A DA104318 ListPrice $5.00 N/A DA104320 ListPrice $3.00 N/A DA603749 ListPrice $9.00 Shown DA104059 SEATS AND SPRINGS FOR WASHERLESS PRESSURE BALANCE VALVES DA663002 ListPrice $2.00 SPRING KIT FOR KITCHEN PULL-OUT & PULL-DOWN Finishes ModelNo. N/A DA613002 ListPrice $9.00

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