Danze TO Kohler Cross Reference Volume 10 Page 10 Cross Reference. Project Faucets. Danze To Kohler

DANZE to KOHLER CROSS REFERENCE 10 s ingl e handl e pull-down kitch e n fauc e t D454510 (p r inc e TM ) List: $342.00 (CP) $416.00 (SS) $489.00 (BR) N/A D457030 (amalfi TM ) List: $325.00 (CP) $431.00 (SS) N/A D459022 (antioch TM ) List: $301.00 (CP) $403.00 (SS) $432.00 (BR) N/A D457015 (m e l r o se TM ) List: $291.00 (CP) $379.00 (SS) N/A

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