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All Danze faucets displayed meet the ease of operation requirements set by ADA. * Also available in trim only shower faucet logan s quar e CH BN Suffering from an identity crisis isn't always a bad thing. Look at the Logan Square collection for example. It's rounded, and squared, at the same time. We like to say it's inspired by the philosophy that 2 is better than 1. And while that isn't always true, it certainly is for the Logan Square collection. Sometimes, more is more. SINGLE HANDLE Model # List Price D225536 $222.00 D225536BN $255.00 CENTERSET Model # List Price D301036 $213.00 D301036BN $245.00 WIDESPREAD Model # List Price D304036 $337.00 D304036BN $388.00 ROMAN TUB Model # List Price D300936T $277.00 D300936BNT $319.00 TUB & SHOWER Model # List Price 2.0 gpm D502036T $211.00 D502036BNT $257.00 2.5 gpm D500036T $211.00 D500036BNT $257.00 3

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